Actionable Insights

As a SourceOwl you will build your brand and reputation within the platform. Earn higher payouts for submitting quality candidates...

Detailed Job Notifications

If you are a recruiter working in a specific industry type, job function, and/or location you can set .....

Industry & Geographical Coverage

We cover almost every industry. You will find jobs in Manufacturing, Information Technology...

Submitting Candidates

Submitting your candidates is easy. Each job will list a unique set of questions to ask your candidates...


Each job listed in SourceOwls platform will contain the payout amount that you will receive for a...

Job Engagment

Once you have been approved and your profile is set up you will have access to view the jobs...

SourceOwls Profile

Each SourceOwls recruiter has a public profile. These profiles can be confidential or include ...

Clients Profile

Each client also has a profile within the SourceOwls platform. You can view their information...

Free Application & Membership

The SourceOwls application and Membership is free of charge...

Owl Types

Lowest Payout


  • A SourceOwls Recruiter that has between a 1-29% submission to approval ratio.
  • Be careful if you fall into this category, accounts go into review under a 20% approval rate.
  • Quality submissions are so important to our clients and your success in the platform.
Starting Point

Elf Owl

  • A SourceOwls recruiter that has between a 30-49% submission to approval ratio.
  • This is your starting point when you sign-up and for your first 5 candidate submissions.
  • On the sixth submission, our algorithm will begin to calculate your
    candidate approval ratios.
  • Your payouts may increase or decrease, based on your candidate rating by our clients.
Maximum Payout

True Owl

  • A SourceOwls Recruiter with a 50% or higher candidate acceptance ratio.
  • This is our Elite team. You become a True Owl, simply by submitting great candidates.
  • True Owls also have higher acceptance rates and receive the maximum payout.