Reduce your recruiting budget by 20% or more with our flat fee name your price model.

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Build custom teams of recruiters to fill your most demanding positions

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Start posting your jobs for free today

Select and engage with talented SourceOwls that understand your position Give our SourceOwls a chance to source and submit highly talented targeted candidates
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Never onboard another recruiting firm.

Our ever-growing recruiter ecosystem puts you in control of thousands of niche recruiters.
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Today, companies need networks of suppliers from a single provider that offers speed and efficiency. SourceOwls delivers this while simultaneously reducing your recruitment spend.
The value of SourceOwls is unmatched. .”

Image - Dean Garamella | Founding Partner
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Organizations of all sizes have benefited from SourceOwls recruiters

Building strong recruiting teams is the fabric of every leading organization.

The driving force of your company’s success starts with a robust recruiting process. How deep you can reach into candidate talent pools is derived from your recruiting team and their reach—SourceOwls partners with thousands of niche recruiters to give superior recruiting depth. Tap into an unmatched recruiting resource that is expanding every day.

Getting Started is Easy

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Let us show you the platform quickly, see how easy it is to post your jobs to thousands of recruiters, and name your price for successful placements.

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Once you post your jobs, our thousands of niche recruiters will begin to ask you for engagement and submit qualified candidates. You will be shocked at the quality of candidates and how many recruiters you can easily manage on the platform.

Our Value is unmatched

Access an ever-expanding network of recruiters: Our talent provider network grows daily, offering your enterprise an expansive network of recruiting partners. The talent provider network comprises thousands of niche recruiters representing every industry nationwide. You will no longer need multiple vendor agreements with agencies. You select and create teams of talent providers for various search demands. Our algorithm systematically rewards talent providers that submit high-quality candidates. This ensures you receive the highest caliber candidates to fill your open positions quickly.

Our recruiting marketplace includes

Niche talent providers

Independent talent providers


Boutique talent providers

National talent providers

Quality candidates at scale

Working with thousands of talent providers has its advantages. Our talent providers get rewarded for quality submissions. The speed to hire is unprecedented. You will be amazed at the quality of our talent providers' submissions.

Talent provider management

By consolidating your current recruiters to one platform, you reduce communication friction and cost with our flat fee name your price model. Give yourself an advantage of recognizing talent provider results while managing all your agency candidate flows. Provide your partners with additional visibility on your candidate pools within an assignment. Simplify your communication with your recruiting teams.

Refer interested agency providers to register to the platform to support your talent requisitions.

Simplify agency provider onboarding.

Scorecard analysis of each provider keeps you informed on their performance.

Name your price model

Reduced Cost Per Hire

Each recruiting project is unique, and the recruiter ecosystem that supports them is also.
You can adjust the fee based on the difficulty of identifying talent in each category. Some everyday things that complicate a search are location, education, industry experience, specialized skills, etc. These positions require a more profound sourcing process, and the recruiters that engage will need more robust rewards. You have the tools to throttle the fee to higher rates for the more complex searches.
Additionally, why pay high rates for more simplistic search assignments? Moreover, the payout stays the same if you offer a higher salary to a candidate. You are now in complete control.

Managed Services vs. Do-It-Yourself

We offer both a do-it-yourself and a managed services model


In this model, you are handed the keys to post positions, interact with our talent providers, and review, accept, and decline candidates directly on the platform. We train you on the system, so you get the most out of the talent provider ecosystem. This solution is ideal for corporate recruiters that work an active desk and are interested in total control and speed.

Managed services

If you do not wish to learn the system, like the traditional recruiting model, but still wish to tap into our thousands of talent providers and reduce your cost per hire, this model is suitable for you. All the same benefits apply, but you are assigned an Account Manager that will post jobs, communicate with recruiters, and review submitted candidates. You will receive the candidates after your Account Manager vets them. At any time, you can switch to a do-it-yourself model.


Our Clients Are Saying

We only need one vendor now

Finding a good recruitment firm in our industry is not easy. Most of them overpromise and underperform; as you know, these firms can be costly. In the past, we have had 6-8 approved recruiting firms on our vendor list. Once a year, we went through an audit and removed the ones that were not performing well. This is a timely process. SourceOwls makes it easy. We now send all our recruiters to the platform and have access to thousands of other firms too. Executive Management loves how we can name our price for each job we post, and it’s a flat fee so we can control our recruiting budgets better.
Thank you, SourceOwls.

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